The Community

The DRIVER has immersed itself in both car and anime culture in recent years. Our team has been actively participating in car shows and animation expos across the US, where we have successfully engaged with our fans and car enthusiasts directly at renowned events such as San Diego Comic-Con, Hot Import Nights, SPOCOM, Formula DRIFT, and SEMA conventions, among others.

Furthermore, we have formed strategic partnerships with leading automotive brands such as Pagani Automobili, Yokohama, Cusco, Rays Engineering, Evasive Motorsports and more. These collaborations have allowed us to infuse our storylines with deeper meaning and resonance for our fanbase. With our passion driving us forward, we hope to expand our reach to audiences worldwide.

2024 - Event Schedule


SDCC 2023

Fans Reaction - 

  • "The Driver has revolutionized how comic books are read!"
  • "I have a problem reading any kind of book, but not this one."
  • "This booth is too small for what you guys are trying to do!"
  • "This is the most underrated project on the internet!"
  • "Someone has to make this into a TV series if not a movie!"
  • "Was this clip inspiring the Spider-Verse movies? They were way ahead of their time before the Miles Morales franchise was even a thing.
  • "Awesome. Love the style, and the level of detail is amazing. Looking forward to the final film."
  • "I have watched this short nearly 50times. Epic!"
  • "i am so watching this. Every car lover will be watching this and would adore it. Hope it never gets cancelled"
  • "Can't Get over this The detail, The sounds, The Turbo BOV's OH GAWD, get me a towel. This guy knows his stuff!"
  • "I like it and it's not because I like cars. The story is very interesting"
  • "I used to program video games professionally - Dreamworks, Disney etc... and from what I have heard from the artists, humans are hard to 'get right' all the time when you have a budget. A designer might be forced to 'cartoon' one thing to make the other look better and save time. As a result we are seeing stunning, realistic cars and dynamic, out of this world characters. It also gives the cartoon a comic book feel without sacrificing the detail in the cars or emotion from the characters.  I think it was put together really well = ). I will watch it for sure!"
  • ......