The DRIVER: An AR animated comic series about a valet boy & his magician brother taking down street racers.

The DRIVER is the story of brothers Jacob and Cody, who vow to punish reckless drivers when they nearly lose everything due to an incident for which they are at fault. Think Batman meets Fast & Furious with a burning desire to deliver swift justice. Jacob, a valet, is an artist behind the wheel. Cody, his partner in crime, is a master illusionist. Together, they’re The DRIVER, the new vigilantes in town.
The DRIVER blends fast cars, vigilante justice, and the eternal battle of good versus evil, but at its core lies a tale of brotherhood and transformation. Jacob and Cody, complete opposites, are bound by a bond stronger than blood, making their partnership both essential and tumultuous.
Together, they journey from a life of crime to one of redemption, using their criminal skills to combat wrongdoing. However, their peace is short-lived when a new challenger emerges, using their own tricks against them. Who could this mysterious adversary be? 
"We're not here to play the hero; we are here to punish those who deserve it." 
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